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how we help.

Giving back to our community has always been close to our heart. Here are the organisations we donate our love, expertise and resources to.
Emfuleni believes in creating opportunities for new and upcoming entrepreneurs as much as we do. Driven by passion for transforming lives, Emfuleni seeks to transform businesses that need a helping hand in their communities. We help them do this by creating a new brand identity, awareness pamphlets and redesigning their website.
SPCA – Durban & Coast
Our staff are animal lovers, and through our resources we assist SPCA with marketing collateral such as informational posters, fundraising event invitations, signage and promotional items. This work hopes to help increase adoptions of furry friends and raise awareness of the SPCA’s activities.
A Durban NGO that aims to help street children get off the streets, rehabilitated and hopefully, rehomed with their families. We assist iCare in promoting awareness with an updated brand identity, digital campaigns and print communication design. Our partnership has increased iCare’s reach and visibility in the Kwa-Zulu Natal region.
The always-on, responsible marketing campaign we created, Action4Change, aims to teach the South African public that giving money to children and adults on the street doesn’t help but adds to the problem. We communicate through digital media that a better solution is to rather support organisations that work to get street people off the streets, for good.
Napier Centre
The Napier Centre 4 Healing is an after-care centre for street-dwelling drug abusers, helping them recover and find a positive future in the Durban community. This important NGO is part of our Action4Change responsible marketing campaign. We have also assisted with redesigning and developing their website, ensuring the best user experience.
Denis Hurley Centre
The centre assists the poorest people in central Durban to be empowered through support, and feeding schemes allowing them to be self-sustaining members of the community. The Denis Hurley Centre is one of the organisations we support through Action4Change.
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