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30 May 2022

discover the weird and wonderful corners of the internet.

Welcome to the internet!

It's weird, wonderful, and everything in between. Take a break from work and check out 9 of the coolest websites for when you'e bored!

1. HowStuffWorks
Ever wondered how things work? Look no further. From airbags to regenerative medicine to velocipede carousels, this website covers it all.

2. Live Puppy Cam
This one’s for the animal lovers! A live stream of puppies during their playroom time at Warrior Canine Connection in Maryland, USA. What could be better?

3. The Onion
If you haven't spent some quality time reading The Onion's online satirical newspaper, you're seriously missing out on a good laugh.

4. Wayback Machine
Feeling nostalgic? Pick any date throughout the years and see how websites have evolved via Internet Archive's famous Wayback Machine.

5. A Soft Murmur
This website is your customisable white-noise machine. Sit back and relax with a selection of slidable volume bars for five different nature sounds: rain, thunder, waves, wind, and fire.

6. Mental Floss
Interested in a wide range of topics? Mental Floss is a super addictive online magazine with well-researched articles on literally just about any weirdly intriguing question you have on just about anything.

7. The Wow’en Wilson Quiz
This website seems too good to be true. If you’re an Owen Wilson fan, this will test your knowledge — guess an Owen Wilson movie just by the sound of his iconic “WOW”.

8. MapCrunch
Travel the world to far flung places with just a click of your mouse. Who knows where these places are? Click the “go” button and you’ll be transported to random street views all over the globe.

9. weirdorconfusing.com
Want to buy something either weird or confusing? Yes? Simply click on the “please” button, and it’ll take you to a weird product available to purchase on eBay or Amazon.

Enjoyed reading this blog? Check out our series, The Internet is Beautiful, for more weird and wonderful websites to visit when you’re bored!
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