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1 July 2021

internet is beautiful part 4.

We can’t get enough of this series. Here are our latest 10 websites that will make you laugh, smile and be amazed.
  1. Life Checklist
    Think you haven’t accomplished much? This “Life Checklist” will help you feel better.
  2. Zoo Borns
    A website that shows cute pictures of baby animals born into zoos.
  3. How Big is Space?
    Press here, you'll thank me later.
  4. Infinite Picture
    This website infinitely zooms into a picture to reveal endless new pictures.
  5. Attack of the Cute
    Need a break? This website with make you go "awwww".
  6. Typing Lessons!
    Improve typing while reading novels.
  7. Catcordion
    Make some meowsic and have a giggle with the Catcordion!
  8. Reddit
    For everyone, and everything. Seriously.
  9. Selfies!
    Museum of Selfies from way back when.
  10. Best Person In The World
    This person is literally the BEST. Click and see for yourself.
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