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1 March 2021

internet is beautiful part 3.

From Stars Wars to the Tri Nations, everything is better in threes. That's why we searched the worldwide internet once again to bring you part 3 of our Internet is Beautiful series. Here are more 10 of our favourite single-use websites.
  1. The World is Wide Open
    Open a new window somewhere in the world.
  2. Dsxyliea
    A website demonstrating what it's like to have dyslexia.
  3. Become an Opera Star
    Ok, now, this is delightful. Thanks for making us smile, Blob Opera.
  4. Apollo in Real-Time
    This website replays the Apollo 11 mission as it happened 51 years ago.
  5. RaveDJ
    A music mixer that automatically creates mashups of two songs.
  6. Netflex
    Watch Netflix and get a simple coached workout at the same time.
  7. Sunday Drive
    This website lets you drive around in dozens of cities - from Berlin to Beijing - while listening to the local radio.
  8. Wash Your Lyrics
    Generate a handwashing guide to your favourite song.
  9. World Wide News
    This website lets you flip through world news channels like watching TV. Works on both desktop/mobile and it's free.
  10. Spend Bill's Money
    Here's a site that you can pretend to spend Bill Gate's money.

Bonus: No one reads the terms of service. This website basically makes a summary of them for you.

The internet is indeed beautiful!
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