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9 February 2021

every second counts.

The rise of customer expectations increases each year, with the use of smartphones amplifying the need for mobile speed. Let's look at why a website's loading speed widens the competitive gap between brands that provide an excellent mobile experience and those who don't.
Speed has a direct impact on user experience. Speed plays a vital role in the success of any digital initiative and, it is more pronounced on e-commerce and other transactional sites. A recent Deloitte study showed that a mere 0.1 sec change in load time could influence every step of the user journey, ultimately increasing conversion rates.
Google’s user performance data shows that even the smallest fraction of a second in page load time can change customer focus and interaction.

The crazy thing is that as users, we all hate slow sites, but according to Google, the average mobile webpage takes 15.3 sec to load, which means that the average website that exists right now is consciously losing users, leads and sales.

The consumer experience stakes have never been higher, and most brands know that consumer loyalty can be fragile. It has never been easier for a consumer to abandon their selection in favour of more personalised customer service, an app with higher self-service utility value, and crucially, a better mobile experience.

The bottom line is this: speed matters. Before you spend time and resources crafting content and promoting it across digital – make sure that your website, your digital brand anchor, is as fast as possible. 
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