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15 October 2020

the internet is beautiful part 2.

The internet is a big place, and most of the time we are only experiencing 0.001% of what it has to offer.
Until now …

The Internet is Beautiful, inspired by the subreddit, is a list of awesome, usually single-purpose websites that will make you smile and give you something new to share on your timeline.

Here is our second list in our ongoing series. Enjoy these 10 websites:

1.    Your Time on Earth 
An awesome website that tells you cool stats about what has happened in your time here on Earth.

2.    Everyday UX
Laws of UX can help anyone understand web design principles for the sites we use every day.

3.    What's in Your Fridge?
A website where you can search for recipes based on whatever's in your fridge!

4.    Earth Lines
A website that lets you draw a line and shows a matching part of the earth.

5.    Want to Make Your Cat Float?
A calculator to see how many balloons you need for your cat to float – obviously a very important question.

6.    Ready to Binge Watch?
Calculate how long it takes to binge watch any series. 

7.    What is Your Dog?
Although cats are always best, we do love dogs – this site detects what breed your dog is from any photo of them.

8.    Are you Colour Blind?
If you can’t see green, you wouldn’t know you couldn’t. Find out if you are colour blind or have a deficiency. 

9.    Our Planet
We sometimes forget how incredible this planet is. Watch the Netflix Documentary ‘From Deserts to Grasslands’ without needing Netflix.

10.     What Time is it?
Check if your time is actually on time.  
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