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6 September 2021

making use of divisible content.

We love a good metaphor. LinkedIn Head of Content Marketing, Jason Miller, coined one that we love - the big rock philosophy.

A big rock is a substantial piece of content that helps you own a particular topic of conversation. As Miller said, “… a good big rock will start with one remarkable piece of content that you researched the hell out of, that tackles the topic better than anyone else.”

The goal of content marketing is to help people, not publish a social media or blog post. Sometimes, we forget that if we get stuck churning out content, that may be forgotten next week. But, when done right, a big rock conveys authority that drives both lead generation and brand awareness. For that reason, they are of significant value when compared to your average piece of content. In this case, size matters (as does quality).

What do we mean by divisible content?
Smart marketers like to recycle. Let’s use an e-book; for example, a 4000-word e-book takes time and resources to craft if you add up brainstorming, writing, editing, design, and approval. The same could be said for an hour-long webinar.

Dedicating that much time to a single asset means it has enough substance to be repurposed. There’s also a good chance your big rocks are evergreen, which gives them a much longer shelf life than a regular piece of content.

This is where divisible content is critical – you take one big piece of content, such as an e-book or a webinar, and use it to create multiple pieces of social media content.

3 Benefits of Divisible Content
  1. Economical:
    By creating divisible and micro-content, your team is extending the lifecycle of the work; saving time, and resources.
  2. Focused:
    Choosing to focus on making a piece of significant rock content, all micro-content and channels will deliver a strong and focused message, allowing all departments to streamline the creative production.
  3. Consistent:
    All your brand channels and assets maintain visual and tonal consistency.

    Divisible content is an intelligent digital strategy to implement for big campaigns and always-on planning – it allows you to be a thought leader, create evergreen content and save on resources.
    You do the math ; )
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