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17 February 2021

why are you making content?.

Nowadays, everything is a brand or an influencer online, and they are all making content. It's time to think about why it's there. The intent behind your content (what it is for) should play a massive part in your decisions about what content to post online.

But before you start creating content, we need to consider what is your content trying to evoke emotionally? What do you want the reader (or viewer) to know, do or feel afterwards?

Given the amount of content online (on Instagram alone, users upload over 100 million content pieces a day), the web can be quite a passive medium for content consumption. You can easily watch YouTube, read articles and scroll through social media without touching the screen or trackpad to like, share, or respond somehow. Turning the web from a passive, lean-back, input-only medium into an active, lean-forward, ‘getting involved’ medium is the goal of many organisations and platforms.

Why? Because these platforms create connections and relationships between the consumer and the content creator and potentially lead to revenue, increased exposure and more.

Let’s look at a few ways to make your content more relevant and get better results.

Calls to action
One of the most shared content goals is for the viewer to respond to a simple call to action, such as downloading a document, signing up to a newsletter, or sharing the content on their own social media account.

Another desired user response is to encourage them to feel something particular: surprised; inspired; amused; connected; shocked; outraged; concerned, or just 'seen' and acknowledged.

Emotions are often behind the most successful and viral content online. "Does the story make you feel enraged, inspired, understood? With everything you create you have to ask: If this scrolled by on my newsfeed, would I care? If the answer is no, it's not worth it. Your online content habits are your own best judge."

– Megan Conley, Content Marketing Strategist at HubSpot

Transaction or purchase
Converting audience members to a transaction is another kind of specific and easily measured goal. This is a bit like a call to action, but it's more usually about buying something there and then.

Getting people to part with money can be difficult, especially when they can't see, touch, or experience an actual product's benefits before making the purchase. That's where product copy or content can be extremely influential, as a way of exploring the benefits and features of a product compellingly. This whets the reader's appetite and nudges them closer to hitting the 'buy now' button.

Good product copy conveys the benefits of a product as well as the facts about it. It can be persuasive about how it might improve the customer's life.

In a world filled with content, it's important to add context and create content that stands out to your audience.
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