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14 July 2020

when to post on social media.

Finding the best time to post on social media can massively help your business stand out and reach more of your audience – even as Facebook organic reach continues to decline.

Although, there isn’t a clear answer. It depends on a variety of factors such as your business objectives, your audience, the content you’re releasing and which social platforms you’re using. Only after considering these points and looking at the analytics (which we’ll touch on in a moment) can you decide which times are best for posting and tweeting.

Not just the #1 professional network, but also B2B network, LinkedIn is a must for any B2B company wanting to make their mark. It’s no surprise the best times to post are:

Peak time: 8am, 12pm & 5-6pm
Runner-up: 9-11am
Day/s: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

The most-used network in the world, our B2B report research revealed that the gap between Facebook and LinkedIn decreased even further this year, with only 11% between them (versus 13% the previous year).

Peak time: 11am–3pm
Runners-up: 9am & 8pm
Day/s: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

With the week almost being over, everyone’s happiness is bound to skyrocket but especially so on Fridays. According to research by TruConversion, 17% of all Facebook comments happen on a Friday, as well as 16% of likes and shares.

It may seem strange, but our most recent B2B report found that Instagram is the third most-used social platform for B2B marketers. Not only does Instagram provide snackable content for people to check out during their snack break/lunch, but it also is the perfect platform to showcase your B2B brand’s culture or tell short stories.

Peak time: 10-11am & 2-3pm
Runner-up: 2am
Day/s: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Thursday seems to be the peak day of the week to share an Instagram post and why not?
With just a day until the weekend, most people may need some great inspiration to keep them going.

Even though Twitter’s monthly active users has increased from 2019 (5.3 million monthly active users as of January 2020), it sits behind YouTube as a must-have social channel (38% according to our B2B Marketing Research Report).

Peak time: 10am-12pm & 5-6pm
Runner-up: 3pm
Day/s: Monday to Thursday

For B2B, these days are the days most highly engaged with, with Wednesday having the highest click-through rates and retweets out of all the other days while Fridays show a peak at 3pm.
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